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Photographer Jack Mitchell

Photo by Ruth Miller

My interest in photography and especially in landscape photography began at an early age. My father’s company was in the forestry business so I spent all my summers in the Sierras around the Truckee and Lake Tahoe area.

I would spend my summers playing in the mountains and taking pictures with my Kodak brownie camera. Those were such carefree and peaceful days, just absorbing all that Mother Nature had to offer. So many of those places are still embedded in my mind and are ideas for future photographs.

I think that the real turning point for me as a photographer came when I wasn’t able to spend those wonderful days in the mountains and had to concentrate on school and then college in the San Francisco Bay Area. I missed those warm summer days and wanted to revisit my youth and recapture those feelings and emotions that I felt as a young boy.

After graduating from college, I immediately moved back to the Sierras to absorb everything that I had been missing. Thus, developing a strong bond with the Sierras and an insatiable appetite to try and capture all of its beauty on film.

I lived for many years all around the Truckee and Lake Tahoe area where I constantly hiked and explored the mountain range. More recently, I have been living in the Mammoth Lakes area of the Eastern Sierras continuing my search for those perfect combinations of color and light.

Now, 40 years later, I am still trying to capture the emotion that stirs within me when I watch the first rays of sunlight coming over the mountains and the way the light will reflect so many beautiful colors with each passing moment. Or, the beauty of the changing of the seasons with a whole new spectrum of color that appears.

To this day, that first snowfall every year brings tears of joy when I see that wonderful blanket of white magic start to cover what was a long warm summer. Followed by a crisp Fall with all of the splendor and color that Autumn has to offer.

I not only want to present a beautiful photo in my work but more importantly, try to have you feel some of that same emotion that I felt when preserving this moment in time. A good photo must not be only a snapshot of a beautiful image but must resonate inside of you each time you see it.

My goal on this website is to share with you my photographic journey throughout the Sierras from Lake Tahoe to the Mammoth Lakes area in the Eastern Sierras as well as side trips to some of my favorite places such as Alaska and Big Sur. My hope is to have a constantly expanding site of new photos and new areas.

All of these photos can be purchased either as a print or matted and framed. Please go to my contact page to let me know what you would like using my email address.

I have joined forces with Ruth Miller, another professional photographer and printer from the Ojai California area in the print making process. Ruth has been printing her own work for the past 15 years and has perfected the art of printing using the latest in pigment based inks and archival papers. We work together so the final print reflects all of the magic I experienced.

Thank you for visiting my website and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions about my current work or perhaps any ideas for future photographs.

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